Dona Masala Chai Concentrate

Dona masala chai concentrate is used to make the best tasting chai latte at your own convince. Concentrate provides the proper direction and a bundle of flavor from ground-up fresh trade spices. While drinking the tea, you can experience several notes of flavor from black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and many others. You can benefit from many angles while consuming the masala chai concentrate since the concentrate is made up of selected species from all over the world and contains a small amount of sugar. Allowing the flavor of species and sugar to become balanced and build a complex natural sweet profile.

Brewing The Chai Latte From The Concentrate

Brewing the concentrate begins with natural spices to create the Masala. Each species is retrieved from its country of origin with careful regard to its growing and harvesting quality. After a tasting of the species’ flavor and sweetness. The species are then grounded up into small batches of Masala, which are then slowly brewed into the concentrate. The end result is masala chai concentrate which is well balanced, flavorful drink. Furthermore, the solid waste from ground-up species is then used in compost locally to continue the trend of sustainability and responsibility.

How To Use The Masala Concentrate To Its Fullest

Dona masala chai concentrate can be used, served, and paired in several different ways. For a basic chai latte, mix equal parts of concentrate and milk, or to your own preference, and then serve it steaming hot or chilled over ice. Depending on the time of day and your mood, you can pair up the chai latte with freshly baked spiced bread or baked donuts. There are possibilities and recipes you can try out with masalas concentrates, such as spiced banana and walnut muffins and spiced apple and cinnamon smoothies. Of course, you can experiment and discover more on your own.

Reaping The Benefits Of Masala Chai Latte

With all the natural species adding to the benefits of masala concentrate, here are a few benefits you reap from masala chai concentrate. One of the most prominent ingredients used in the making of Masala is ginger, which is very beneficial for reducing inflammation in the human body. A combination of ground-up cinnamon and clove can provide a boost of immunity and, together, can enhance each other’s effects. Furthermore, cloves and cardamom can aid in digestion, along with ginger can have a refreshing and claiming effect.


  • Purified water 
  • Sugar 
  • Ginger 
  • cinnamon 
  • green cardamom 
  • organic black tea 
  • molasses 
  • black pepper 
  • cloves 
  • citric acid. 


  • Serving size 4 oz.
  • Calories 40g.
  • Total sugars 10g.
  • Total carbs 10g.
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